Smart Plant

Welcome to the documentation page of the Smart Plant, a device to monitor the environmental conditions of your favourite plant.

With the Smart Plant you can measure a range of paramaters such as the soil moisture, ambient light and the air temperature & relative humidity. In adition to the IoT capabilities of streaming the measured parameters into your favourite platform, like Home Assistant, you can read the data directly on the integrated 2.9” e-paper display.

As you can imagine, all this features would be useless if the design is not optimized to consume the lowest energy possible: thanks to the deep-sleep features of the ESP32 microcontroller, a selection of low-consumption electronics (high-efficient LDOs in standby modes, power-switched sensors and partially refreshed e-paper) and the optional solar cell.

Everything packed in a quite compact but elegant device that can be directly plugged into your plant’s pot.


🦺 Safety guidelines

How to operate and manipulate the Smart Plant.

πŸ’‘ Getting started

A deeper explanation on the systems of the Smart Plant.

πŸš€ Getting started

First steps for configuring and working with the Smart Plant.

πŸ“ Design

Design files of the Smart Plant.

Technical support

If you have technical problems or cannot find the information that you need in the provided documentation, please contact me directly:





Smart Plant




May 03, 2024